Prelacy News



In an interview with Karine Kocharyan, editor of Voice of Armenians TV of New York, His Eminence Archbishop Anoushavan, Prelate, shared his impressions about his recent trip to Armenia to take part in the thirtieth anniversary events of the Nerses the Great charitable and social organization and discussed the crisis in Artsakh, caused by the seven-month blockade imposed by Azerbaijan.    

He expressed his gratitude to the sponsors of orphans, some of whom have undertaken to support even hundreds of “these wonderful children who will be the defenders of the homeland in the future, hoping that these cloudy days will be followed by more luminous days”.   

Archbishop Anoushavan stressed that the Prelacy is very actively involved in helping the homeland, carrying out activities that are not merely limited to the religious sphere.   

“The Prelacy seeks to bring its contribution to the homeland, in particular Artsakh,” the Prelate said. He emphasized the importance of prayers to God, believing in His might, which manifests itself in ways that do not always correspond to what we expect. “We also seek to meet with political figures,” including with U.S. Congressmen and Senators, to appraise them of the urgent need for action to prevent a catastrophe in the blockaded republic. In addition to that, the Prelacy continues its vigorous charitable efforts in both Armenia and Artsakh.   

He also expressed his conviction that the Prelacy’s work in the homeland helps our people to overcome the continuous challenges that they have been facing for 5,000 years, but streseed the need to speak up. “If we remain silent, then we are complicit with the executioners of our nation,” Archbishop Anoushavan said. He reassured that the Prelacy is alerting about the critical humanitarian situation in Artsakh. “But unfortunately, you know that sometimes the world pretends to be deaf, blind, and mute.”  

Speaking of the recent celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary of the Nerses the Great charitable organization in Yerevan, the Prelate said they were an opportunity to become more familiar with Armenian intellectuals and artists, and learn directly of their input for the continuous development of Armenia’s culture.   

He also celebrated the memory of Archbishop Mesrob Ashjian, of blessed memory, the founder of the Nerses the Great initiative. “The fond memories of Archbishop Mesrob by the local people are still ringing in my ears,” the Prelate said, recalling that he also helped renovate the church of the village of Mughni, where locals remember him with love. “He has sown the seeds of good deeds everywhere.”