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About Time (Diana Der Hovanessian)


Another Song I Know (William Michaelian)


ARARAT, The Shooting Script (softcover)


Armenia Observed (Ara Baliozian, editor)


Armenia, Subartu and Sumer: The Indo-European Homeland and Ancient Mesopotamia (Martiros Kavoukjian)


Armenian-American Sketches (English translation)


As I See it : Selected Writings of Leo Sarkisian(softcover)


As Others See Us, The Armenian Image in Literature (hardcover)


As the Poppies Bloomed, Maral Boyadjian (softcover)


At The French Embassy in Sofia, Essays & Criticism, Peter Sourian (softcover)


Birthmark, A bilingual anthology of Armenian-American poetry


Coming to Terms, Selected Poems by Vahan Derian


Corridor, fictions by Michael Krekorian (softcover)


Critical Encounters: Literary Views & Reviews (softcover)


CrossRoads, Short Fiction by Armenian-American Writers (softcover)


Daredevils of Sasun: Poetics of an Epic


David Anhaght – The ‘Invincible’ Philosopher


David of Sassoon, Armenian Folk Epic


David of Sassoun


David of Sassoun, Critical Studies on the Armenian Epic


Definitions and Divisions of Philosophy by David the Invincible Philosopher




Derenik Demirjian: Book of Flowers Դերենիկ Դեմիրճեան։ Գիրք Ծաղկանց


Dreams of Bread and Fire (hardcover)