The Armenian Religious Education Council (AREC), consisting of an appointed membership and Executive Director of Christian Education, is responsible for developing and implementing Christian Education programs, preserving and perpetuating the tenets of the Armenian Church and bringing to the Faithful the Word and Teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

AREC develops curriculum guidelines for the Sunday Schools and suggests the use of the best materials available for its implementation. The Executive Director maintains communication with directors of the Sunday Schools and assists in resolving local concerns. AREC plans retreats, religious lectures, helps implement local bible study groups and provides resource materials on the Christian faith and the traditional teachings of the Armenian Church. 

The St. Gregory Datev Institute, organized in 1987, provides religious and liturgical studies for candidates serving as acolytes and deacons. The Institute also organizes lectures and seminars during the year for the public. 

St. Gregory of Datev Institute


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