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One of the most popular programs of the Armenian Prelacy is the St. Gregory of Datev Institute Summer Program for youth ages 13-18, affectionately called “Datev”. Sponsored and organized by the Prelacy’s Christian Education Department, the St. Gregory of Datev Institute offers a unique faith-based program for our youth in a wholesome and nurturing environment with three-pronged objectives: Christian education and formation, prayer and worship, and fellowship and recreational activities. 

The comprehensive Christian educational program is completed in four years, one week each summer. Those who complete the program are offered the option to return for post-graduate classes. Each year, the students receive about 20 hours of instruction. The curriculum includes the Bible, the sacraments of the Armenian Church with emphasis on the Divine Liturgy (Soorp Badarak), Armenian Church feasts and saints, Armenian Church creeds and theology, prayer and worship, as well as discussions on contemporary moral and ethical issues. 

The daily life of the students at Datev is framed by 20-30 minute morning and evening prayers. Every morning the students assemble at the chapel for the Aravodyan or the Arevakal service according to the tradition of the Armenian church, and at the close of the day, before retiring to their rooms, the students once again gather for the Compline (Husgoom) service. 

The daily schedule of the Program is tempered by afternoon sports and recreational activities, as well as with special excursions, all aiming to foster positive and lasting friendships among the students.

For more information, please contact Deacon Shant Kazanjian, Director of Christian Education at the Eastern Prelacy:
Tel: (212) 689-7810

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