Welcome to the St. Gregory of Datev Institute Registration and Information Center.

Rooted in the Armenian Christian faith and culture, the Institute is a four-year (one week each summer) faith-based program for youth ages 13-18. Those who complete the four year Program may return for postgraduate classes. Classes for the five levels of study take place concurrently. 

The daily schedule reflects the Institute’s three main objectives: Education, worship, and fellowship. And the program will include worship services, Bible study, group discussions, lectures, Armenian language, and recreational activities.


The goals of the Datev Institute are:

  • To instill and nurture the Armenian Christian faith and identity in our youth.
  • To encourage Armenian youth to become more involved in the life of the Church.
  • To discuss youth-related issues with Armenian clergy and teachers.
  • To provide a forum for our youth to expand their knowledge of Armenian culture through language, poetry, music, song and dance. 
For more information, please contact Deacon Shant Kazanjian, Director of Christian Education at the Eastern Prelacy:
Tel: (212) 689-7810