Prelacy News


The online education program for deacons and altar servers of the Eastern Prelacy was inaugurated on Wednesday, January 20. Archbishop Anoushavan addressed the participants with the following message:

“Dear Deacons and Altar Servers,

I would like to thank the Almighty Lord that with His blessings and with the support of the Prelacy Religious Council we have organized this special seminar under the leadership of a humble servant, Deacon George Leylegian. I underline his rank as a Deacon, because his trademark has been humility, which I have witnessed since 1986, when I met him first in San Francisco.

In spite of his profile as a successful investment advisor, legal compliance officer, and a scholar in Armenian Church Liturgy, Dr. Leylegian feels proud of his identity as a deacon of the Armenian Church. His zeal and admiration toward the uniqueness of the Armenian Church is indeed superb. But, mostly, his passion to share his wisdom and knowledge with his fellow deacon brothers is praiseworthy.

Let me tell you this. It is not a compliment but a fact. Over the last three decades I have been blessed having such a friend in Jesus Christ, whose ultimate joy is to see the prosperity of the Armenian Church and the advancement of all of Her servers: acolytes, deacons, priests and even bishops for the glory of the Incarnated One who humbly was descended from Heaven to elevate us to the source of Wisdom and to meet our Heavenly Father. Personally, I have learned a lot from him, and that is the main reason that, when he voluntarily offered this seminar, I supported it wholeheartedly, deeply believing that you too will learn and enjoy his tremendous wisdom.

Dear all, as Socrates the great Greek philosopher has said, “I know one thing, that I know nothing,” Let us all humbly be ready to learn about the rich legacy of the Armenian Apostolic  Church, which goes beyond our mere knowledge and practice of the Sunday Divine Liturgy or Services.

Thank you, Dr. Deacon George Leylegian, for rendering this God-pleasing service to our Deacons.

Welcome on board all the Deacons and Altar servers of our Armenian Church․

In the very word of the Badarak chant, I say, “Ճաշակեցէք եւ տեսէք, զի քաղցր է Տէր, Ալէլուիա – Taste and see, for the Lord is sweet. Alleluia.”