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On a cold Yerevan morning a couple of weeks ago, the Crossroads correspondent met with Tigran Galstyan, the director of the Nerses the Great office in the capital of Armenia. Since its inception in 1992, thousands of people have benefitted from the assistance and programs offered by this charity, founded by Archbishop Mesrob Ashjian, of blessed memory.

Over tea and cookies, we had a conversation with some of the beneficiaries, including an Artsakh war veteran, teenagers and children, including a young soprano singer who is still in her formative years, who regaled us with an Italian opera aria as well as Armenian and American folk songs. Among the younger ones there were an aspiring attorney, a future hairdresser as well as a young man from the Ararat region who intends to pursue a career as a tobacco agronomist.

From children to senior citizens and war veterans and their families, Nerses the Great has touched the lives of many in Armenia. To date, more than 2,500 children—who have lost one parent or both—have received assistance to cover their necessities as well as to further their education, of whom around 700 are getting support.

At the meeting, nobody could have said our homeland has just emerged from a catastrophic war imposed by our genocidal neighbors of Turkey and Azerbaijan. The mood was cheerful and the smiles abounded, as well as the vivid voices discussing future projects and things to do. As your correspondent left, the clouds in the winter sky had begun to dissipate and the sun was already melting the ice on the sidewalks of downtown Yerevan.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing the stories of the Nerses the Great family with the Crossroads readers. Sponsors who support these young women and men are making a huge difference for them, as they are already making for Armenia.