Prelacy News


Shoghik Grigoryan, 20, a student at Yerevan State University, is one of the promising young women among the new generation of Armenians not only because of the intelligence she is naturally endowed with, but also because of her career choice and her perspectives.

At YSU, Shoghik is enrolled in the Chinese Language and Culture course, hoping to become a translator of Chinese and an expert in the Asian nation. Asked about her career choice during a brief conversation with the Crossroads correspondent, Shoghik elaborated on the growing relevance of China in both economic and political terms on the regional and global scene.

“Learning Chinese is equivalent to learning three other foreign languages: English, French and Russian or you name it,” she said, assessing the importance based on both the demand she anticipates for Chinese as she graduates and the limited number of Chinese-speaking experts there are currently in Armenia.

Shoghik is the daughter of Aram Grigoryan, a veteran of the Artsakh Liberation War who passed away in 2014, and Marine Sargsyan. She has a sister, Victoria, 11, and a brother, Razmik. The three siblings are supported by Nerses the Great, which is also providing aid for Shoghik’s university career. The family lives in the village of Partizak, in the district of Talin, where there is a major concentration of Armenians from Sasun, a historical region of Armenia renowned for the bravery of its inhabitants and the land of Davit, the greatest hero in the Armenian epic.