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Razmik and Aida Grigoryan are siblings who are being supported by sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Alex Baron and Mrs. Sarah Moradian, respectively. They recently spoke with the Crossroads correspondent at the Nerses the Great offices in Yerevan. They were visiting from the town of Masis, province of Ararat, 10 miles to the southwest of the Armenian capital.

Razmik is attending the Masis Agronomy Institute. In Armenia, after completing ninth grade, students have the option to continue their education in a vocational institute.

Aida, 15 years old, who is in ninth grade, would love to become a lawyer. Even though she feels it is still early to commit to a career choice, she does not hide her passion for law. She also intends to study French. While she knows of Verdi’s “Aida” opera, that is not a professional choice for her, she says with a chuckle. (Stay tuned for more on a promising Nerses the Great alumna who is about to begin her career as a singer).

For his part, Razmik will continue his studies after obtaining his agronomy degree three years later, following which he will attend the local agronomy institute to specialize in tobacco studies. The district of Masis is a major tobacco production hub.

“I imagine Diaspora Armenians must live missing the homeland a lot,” he said, when discussing how Armenians from the country and those outside perceived each other. Probably few Armenians would dispute his impression, the Crossroads correspondent told Razmik.

In future issues of Crossroads, we will continue to present portraits of members of the Nerses the Great family. Last week we profiled Shoghik Grigorian, a student of Chinese at Yerevan State University, who is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Avedis Boyamian, while her sister Victoria enjoys the sponsorship of Mrs. Virginia Zurecki and their brother Razmik has Mr. Adrian Stepanian as sponsor.