Prelacy News


The Prelacy was pleasantly surprised to receive a few weeks ago a collection of artwork that students at the East Woods School of Oyster Bay, New York, began to put together in November. Initiated by French teacher and Director of Community Service Mrs. Martine M. Tawaji, who has had a long-lasting friendship with Armenians, the idea of building bridges between children in the United States and Armenia was fully embraced by the school’s Art teacher, Mrs. Marie Ucci. She guided the students through the whole project, which gave her the opportunity to introduce and discuss a real-life crisis about families with children like themselves who were living in a state of war and now are coping with the aftermath. This idea was unfathomable for children who live in a safe country, yet, with open hearts and genuine caring, they expressed their love and concern through pictures and words. One of the parents, Mrs. Meline Dirielyan, reached out and helped with the project.