Prelacy News


On May 25, the 16-week deacons’ seminar, organized and led by Dr. Archdeacon George Leylegian, concluded with a ceremony during which certificates of attendance were given to participants. His Eminence Archbishop Anoushavan Tanielian, Prelate, highly praised Archdeacon Leylegian who voluntarily and wholeheartedly with his love, passion, and extensive knowledge of the Armenian church and its theology, initiated these online classes for our deacons on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, teaching not only the liturgical life, but also the uniqueness of the Armenian Church and its theology throughout the centuries. Archdeacon Leylegian is a trustworthy authority in the Armenian Church Liturgical studies, the Prelate said, thanking him for all he learned by personally attending these courses.

His Eminence also thanked all the participants who in turn expressed their gratefulness to Archdeacon Leylegian for offering this course and enriching them in their true understanding of Diaconate.

As a gesture of appreciation, His Eminence presented to Archdeacon Leylegian the newly established award of “Philosopher Hovhannes”, also well known as  “Hovhannes Sargavak Vartabed.”

Archdeacon Leylegian thanked the Prelate for the honor awarded to him and expressed his happiness to the 52 participants for giving him this opportunity to share his knowledge and insight with all the Altar servers, wishing them all to serve the Lord joyfully (Ps 100:2).

The ceremony was concluded with Srpazan’s “Bahbanich” prayer.