Prelacy News


We inform our faithful that the Religious Council of the Eastern Prelacy, upon examining some changes to the liturgical rites in view of the coronavirus pandemic and recommendations by health and public agencies, has adopted the following decisions in its regular session, following consultations with the clergy:

From next Sunday, July 11, onwards, Divine Liturgy will be celebrated in the traditional way, with the procession into the church, and continues with full solemnity. (On Sunday the Armenian church celebrates the Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ).

In consideration of the persisting constraints caused by the pandemic, the Religious Council offers the following guidance:

  1. Maintain the modified variation of the “Kiss of Peace.” That is, the Celebrant says, “Greet one another, Christ is revealed in our midst,” and the faithful respond unanimously, “Blessed is the Revelation of Christ.”
  2. The Holy Communion wafer will be placed in the hand.
  3. The kissing of the Holy Gospel during Dismissal is cancelled.
  4. Livestreaming of the Divine Liturgy will continue for the spiritual nourishment of our faithful.

After two years of enrichment thanks to this unprecedented experience, let us continue with our prescription of “Prayer, Patience, and Prudence” to defeat the threat of the coronavirus and other pandemics, for the wellbeing of mankind and the glory of God.