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I would like to apologize to our listeners if I repeat my last week’s theme, “Imitating God”, for recently a phone call touched my heart and deepened my understanding of the life-giving message of our Lord Jesus Christ, who said, “whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it” (Mk 10:15). A mother called me and, with emotion in her voice, said: “While browsing our family album, my daughter asked me if we can go and meet Jesus.” 

“I was a little bit concerned,” the mother said, “but when I asked her who she meant, she showed me the picture of the pastor, and firmly said, ‘this one, Jesus,’ my worries turned into joyful tears.” 

What a wonderful experience to learn that our Lord Jesus Christ enters even the lives of children and, through the pastors, makes His presence alive. This child’s innocent question led me to reflect on a similar truth. Imitating Christ is not the privilege of a pastor. If through his service he inspires the presence of God among us, then all Christians, who carry the sacred name of Christ are able to imitate God through their daily relationship by bringing forth what is Good, and share the solid message that God truly is with us.     

I thank the Almighty Lord for showering His blessings upon all children and adults, and teach us to imitate Him in simple ways. I am grateful also to all our parishioners and friends who with great affection are reaching out help our suffering brothers and sisters in Lebanon. I am glad to say that as of today the Lebanon Relief Fund has reached $75,895.00 dollars. 

May God keep us all healthy and united. By imitating Him in small things, He makes us worthy of eternal promises. 

Archbishop Anoushavan