Letters from Armenia


This week we have a moving visual letter. An image is worth a thousand words. The father of Robert and Artyom, Lieutenant Colonel Khoren Ohanian, was martyred during the Artsakh war in 2020.

In the video link below, you can watch the interview with his sons and his widow, Armine Mnatzakanian, who speaks about her husband’s dedication and to people who were under his command. He treated his unit as a family and spent a lot of time with them, sometimes at the expense of his own family.

Relatives and friends try by all means to lighten the burden of the family. Upon the advice of her brother-in-law, they moved from Artsakh to Yerevan, because Ms. Mnatzakanian is worried about another Azerbaijani invasion. She wants her sons to live in peace and safety, to receive a good education, and to follow the steps of their father in being honest and useful people dedicated to their country.