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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am pleased to inform that this week we are privileged to host the Prelates of Canada, Archbishop Papken Tcharian, and the Prelate of the Western Prelacy, Bishop Torkom Donoyan. The main focus of the meeting is to reorganize and reenergize our local communities as we continue our outreach mission, helping our Homeland as well as our communities in the Middle Eastern countries —Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and other parts of the world.

The Armenian community in this continent has deep roots, and we are part and parcel of this blessed country since the 19th century. Accordingly, by repurposing our existence not as sojourners but as builders of this society and culture, we get rid of the complex of assimilation and become proactive participants of American life by contributing our centuries-old values and aspirations.

The most recent fact of this truth is the Nobel Prize winner Ardem Patapoutian, born and raised in Lebanon, who honored the Home of the Brave with the most prestigious award in science.

With this approach, let us all strive to be our best, bringing decency to the Land of the Free as well as help and relief to our brothers and sisters who are going through a stressful journey of suffering in Lebanon.

I am comforted to say that as of today, with the collaboration of our Pastors and communities, the Lebanon Relief Fund has reached $ 78,875.