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From left to right, Mrs. Vicki Shoghag Hovanessian; Bishop Daniel Findikyan, Primate; Maestro Constantine Orbelian; Archbishop Anoushavan, Prelate, and Mr. Mher Margarian, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Armenia at the UN.

On Thursday, October 7, Archbishop Anoushavan participated in a reception at the Eastern Diocese honoring Maestro Constantine Orbelian on his recent designation as music director and principal conductor of the New York City Opera. During the event, the Prelate delivered the following message:

“I would like to thank my spiritual brother Bishop Daniel Findikyan, Primate, for sharing the joy of welcoming Maestro Constantine Orbelian as the Music Director of New York City Opera with this reception.

“I should humbly confess that it is far beyond my expertise to evaluate the world-known talents and merits of Maestro Orbelian, who hails from two saintly named cities, Saint Petersburg and San Francisco. No doubt the source of his God-given gift is the Land of Mount Ararat, the breeze of the Divine Voice making the Covenant with Noah, and the centuries-old spirit of creativity, suffering, and longing for peace and prosperity by the Armenian nation.

“As a positive thinker, I am so grateful to the Almighty Lord for showering upon us, amid so many tribulations, comforting signs, and reasons for rejoicing since the beginning of this year. Mr. Noubar Afeyan has been an instrumental part in providing the world with an effective vaccine to counter the microscopic virus threatening this world. Early this week, we were informed that Dr. Ardem Patapoutian honored the Land of the Free by becoming the co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Today, we are celebrating the inauguration of Maestro Constantine Orbelian as the Music Director of the New York City Opera.

“May the Beneficent Lord grant to Maestro Orbelian’s baton His power to conduct the NYC Opera with his God-granted talent to promote serenity in the hearts of the audiences and gear them for good works.”