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Since we are celebrating throughout the month of October our cultural heritage, I would like to take this opportunity once again to bring up a gem from our literature, a poem from a well-known author, Vahan Tekeyan, who compared to Misak Medzarentz, whom I referred to last time, reached ripe old age. For generations, Tekeyan has inspired students who have recited his poems dedicated to the Armenian Church, to the Armenian Spirit, and other topics. Today I would like to share precious lines from the poem entitled “Balance Sheet” (Հաշուեյարդար).   

What is left in life for me? Only what was given away. Strangely, only that. …Whatever went to others came back sweeter, stronger, to stay forever at my side. And whatever Love took, God did not lose but returned like incense to perfume my life.  

Romantic as these words may sound, nevertheless the poet is sharing a factual experience which carries the essence of our Christian spirit of caring. Indeed, when we give to those from whom we don’t expect any return, amazingly it becomes an unperishable asset that transcends time and space and on the day of the Judgment stands boldly on our behalf.   

I am profoundly moved by the sharing spirit of our parishioners and friends, for as of today we have raised for Lebanon Relief Fund $ 80,525 dollars. 

May the Almighty Lord in the very words of poet Tekeyan return like incense whatever we give to our suffering brothers and sisters, to perfume our lives.