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A couple of weeks ago, after visiting a friend in New York City, I took advantage of the nice weather and I decided to take a walk for exercise, as well as to see the revitalization of the city in different areas. As soon as I crossed the street, before the light turned red, a gentleman on a wheelchair approached me and said, “Father, I am a veteran, would you like to share a little change?” I felt so bad for him. God knows what circumstance in his service left him in this situation. Then I asked him what use he intended to give to the money. He replied, “Father, it’s for food.” I asked again, “Are you sure?” Showing me the McDonald’s a hundred feet away, he said, “Father, I’m positive.” I asked him to join me. Together we went into the store and I told him to make his favorite order. With a little hesitation, he asked if he could order the Big Mac Combo Meal and I said, “Go ahead.” While approaching the counter, he asked again, “May I also have Baked Apple Pie?” I said, “My deal is valid.” He thanked me with a big smile. “Enjoy your meal!” I wished him after paying and left a grateful heart behind me.

While I was walking down the street, I felt an inexplicable joy. I was still the same person, yet I was not the same before I met this gentleman. When I compared what I gave and what I received, it was enormous.

I believe that God’s mercy works in mysterious ways. He showers us with bounties beyond our understanding.

I am glad to inform you that with the collaboration of our Pastors, Board of Trustees, and parishioners our Lebanon Relief Fund has already reached 85,625 dollars.

May God grant us all the inner joy that exceeds all temporary joys, by reaching out to those who are suffering, mostly our brothers and sisters in Lebanon.