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The book of Acts as well as the pastoral letters of Saint Paul are full of rich experiences, among which the practice of charity is prominent. We read how Saint Paul throughout his preaching in different communities always appealed to the congregations to contribute to the churches in need, most specially in Jerusalem (Acts 11.27-30; 1 Cor 16.1-4, Gal 2,10 etc.), thus strengthening the bond between the newly born churches and communities, to boost the growth of the Church, as well as practicing Charity, the spirit of Christianity.

Most often, we are inclined to think that miracles, piety, pure charity belong to antiquity, in the biblical era, while they have disappeared in our modern world.

It is true that change is part of a universal process and many things can be changed throughout centuries, yet we should not completely ignore that miracles, piety, charity constitute essential part of our society too.

In this regard, I am so thankful that since we started our Lebanese Relief Fund, our local churches rallied around them the faithful and raised tangible amounts. A month ago, it was St. Gregory the Illuminator Church in Philadelphia; for the last weeks, St. Stephen’s Church in Watertown, and this week, St. Sarkis Church in Douglaston, New York. As of today, I am so delighted to announce that we have already raised 112,350 dollars and we have already sent 100,000 dollars to the Prelacy of Lebanon to use for its noble mission.

All these facts are living testimony that the Holy Spirit is hovering in our churches and in the hearts of our faithful. May the Source of all good things, our loving and caring God of Saints Illuminators, Naregatzis and Shnorhalis enrich us with His mercy, so that joyfully we can reach out all those who are in need, most specially in Lebanon.