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The Armenian language textbooks we used in schools were designed not only to teach the language, but also to transmit moral values. A passage that I have read decades ago in our elementary school, prepared by Benjamin Tashian, has impressed me the most, and today I would like to share it with you.

Two brothers, with a spirit of thanksgiving, share the harvest among them, each taking his share. One evening, the elder brother, carrying a bag of wheat on his shoulder, takes it to his brother’s house and places it in his warehouse. The next day, as he is counting the bags in his warehouse, he is surprised to find the same quantity. The following days he repeats his kind act but becomes increasingly anxious seeing that the bag that should be missing was always replaced. 

Without giving up, the elder brother persists in his commitment. One night, as he is diligently carrying the bag, he hears some noises. He stops and follows the footsteps. Under the moonlight, he sees the silhouette of a man. When he cautiously approaches him, Lo! He sees his junior brother carrying a bag on his shoulder too.    

When he questions him, he is filled with awe upon hearing his younger sibling’s heartfelt confession. The junior tells him, “Brother, I thought that you are married, have a wife and children, as well as more social life than me, therefore I wished to quietly take a few of my wheat bags to your home. Moved, the elder brother, in turn, responds: “Brother, I thought that you are a bachelor, hence you may consume it with your friends, that’s why I thought to quietly bring a few bags to your home.”  

Without speaking, the two brothers embrace each other as they cry. They feel more the power of unity and joy in sharing. 

Dear brothers and sisters, as a nation today we are celebrating the feast of Thanksgiving, based upon the noble gesture by the natives of this land of sharing their goods with our pilgrim foreparents. Indeed, the spirit of sharing is the authentic outburst of true love.  

Today, I am delighted to announce that the Prelacy Sharing Mission directed to our Armenian Lebanese brothers and sisters has reached 123,350 dollars. I am so glad to say that our Pastors and Board of Trustees gladly are rallying their parishioners around the Lebanon Relief fundraising. During the last few weeks Sts. Vartanantz in Providence, RI; Saint Gregory Church in Philadelphia, PA; Saint Stephen’s Church in Watertown, MA; Saint Sarkis Church in Douglaston, NY, and today Saint Sarkis Church in Dearborn, MI, and Saint Asdvadzadzin Church in Whitinsville, MA,  are making a tangible difference in this mission with their collaboration. I am positive that in coming weeks other communities will make us prouder with their substantial aid. 

Let us all heartfully thank the Giver of all Good, the Almighty Lord, for enjoying his visible and invisible gifts, and share them with all who are in need.