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From its beginning, the month of December is showered with joy, even though Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are at the end. We are all busy shopping online or in person to meet the demands of our children or the expectations of family members or to make surprises to friends.

And here I am like others at Macy’s store in Manhasset, Long Island. The cheerful atmosphere with music and greetings was overwhelming. Along with the merchandise, the three-word slogan placed almost all over the store caught my attention:




It was not the advertisement for any merchandise, yet it was a superb creative call to all those who enter the store. It carries a powerful message, which mobilizes the noblest virtues in us: to Give, to Love, and to Believe. By giving, we express our love, and we believe that it will generate joy in the recipient’s heart, it will fulfill a desire, a dream. No doubt that the world could be transformed if we could only extend this motivation to the people we know, but also to those we do not know. It would be in harmony with the original design and purpose of Creation, which is intended to be Good.

Based on these three dynamics words with a common goal, I am so grateful to our Pastors and Board of Trustees, as well as parishioners and friends. Upon our appeal of last week, today Saint Illuminator’s Cathedral presented a check of 5,000 dollars to cover the partial expenses of the students in Lebanon. Hence, our Lebanon Relief Fund reached 132,903 dollars.

May God always reenergize in us the spirit of Giving, Loving and Believing, so that we can be positive part and parcel of Creation.