Prelacy News


On May 29 it will be one year since Iris Papazian, a pillar of the Armenian Prelacy, has left us. Associated with the Prelacy from the very first day, she served under every Prelate to date, beginning with Archbishop Hrant Khatchadourian. The daughter of Genocide survivors from Malatya, she was the director of Communications and the indefatigable editor of Outreach, the Prelacy’s periodical, and the Crossroads newsletter. Her tireless dedication to her work was only matched by her devotion to the Armenian Church. Even into her 80s the idea of retiring was alien to her. Her commitment extended so far that she continued to work long hours at the Prelacy into her 80s even though she had by then become officially “semi-retired.” She is missed every day by everyone who was blessed by having her in their life.