Thanks to the collective effort of the great Prelacy family and the parishes, our Church is reenergized and working towards fortifying the foundations of the future, a motto that encapsulates the spirit of the new term. The Membership Dues help us continue our consistent work for the benefit of every parishioner of the Eastern Prelacy.

In his message, Archbishop Anoushavan, Prelate, writes:

“Only a vision rooted in human will and divine inspiration may help us achieve the goals of growth and renewal the Eastern Prelacy has set for itself. In the process, we will overcome the challenges we have faced in the last two years of pandemic war, and turmoil, that are not going away, gradually healing the scars these troubles and tribulations have left on us.

Hence, I embrace wholeheartedly the motto of the last National Representative Assembly: Fortifying the Foundations for the Future. As I have said at the Assembly, this starts by an objective assessment of the programs executed across the Prelacy over the last 65 years. We have managed to preserve our Armenian and Christian identity while taking the best of the melting pot of the New World, and this has made us stronger. This is no small feat.