Parish News


An event entitled “From Defeat to Rebirth” took place at St. Illuminator’s on Sunday, September 18.  Rev. Fr. Mesrob Lakissian, Pastor, opened the event by thanking guests and attendees for their steadfast support for both Armenia and Artsakh during these trying times, and calling for unity and brotherly love.  

He also spoke of St. Illuminator’s sponsorship of various projects in both Armenia and Artsakh before introducing Pauline Dostoumian of ACAA Eastern USA Artsakh Fund.  

Ms. Dostoumian gave a presentation on the work being done by Artsakh Fund in border villages of Artsakh to sustain the population and encourage the villagers to remain on their lands. She also discussed some of the success stories of the ACAA Artsakh Fund sponsored Verelk Program. She concluded her presentation by introducing guest speaker Mr. Jirayr Beugekian from Armenia, and invited him to speak about the latest developments in Armenia.  

Mr. Beugekian spoke about the recent attack by Azerbaijan and stressed the role of Turkey in Azerbaijan’s continued aggression towards Armenia. He also discussed the importance of the Armenian Diaspora and the need to remain committed to Armenia and her people irrespective of who is in power today. The prevailing theme was that of unity and commitment to the Armenian Cause.