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An online survey carried out by Crossroads revealed new behavior among the parishioners in the churches of the Eastern Prelacy jurisdiction in the post-Covid period. While a majority returned to their parish church after the lockdowns imposed during the pandemic were lifted, at least 26 percent report they only follow Divine Liturgy remotely now, only attending church occasionally or not at all.  

The survey, which was advertised on the weekly newsletter as well as on Facebook, attracted the response of 164 parishioners. 

“We are profoundly satisfied that 164 persons took part in the ‘Faith in the Times of Covid’ survey, responding and transmitting their objective assessments,” His Eminence Archbishop Anoushavan, Prelate, said. “This assessment is very important for us, to reorganize in the post-pandemic era the spiritual education work we have been carrying out.”  

During lockdown, most of the faithful said they followed the Divine Liturgy via livestreaming, with almost 38 percent saying they did so every Sunday, followed by 25 percent who would occasionally. About 19 percent of respondents said they would tune in to the livestream once a month. 

His Eminence said the results would serve to establish guidelines in the development of future initiatives. “We hope that with such cooperation, the Armenian Prelacy and its departments will pursue with renewed vigor their projects to fulfill the needs of the sons and daughters of our people.” 

A majority of survey participants—approximately 33 percent—said they logged in to Prayer with the People occasionally. A second group of 18 percent of respondents follow the weekly program every week, while some 12 percent do it once a month.