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The office of His Holiness Catholicos Aram I has reported that Zareh Sinanian, Armenia’s High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, has invited him to the Global Armenian Summit to be held in Yerevan on Oct. 28-31 in a telephone conversation.

During their talk, His Holiness expressed his concerns and reservations over the initiative in these critical times for Armenia and Artsakh as well as the unfavorable conditions in the homeland.

In a session last week, the Central Executive Council, sharing the concerns expressed by the Catholicos, found that it would be inappropriate for the Holy See or the prelacies under its jurisdiction to take part in the summit, as the Great House of Cilicia had not been engaged in organizing it, noting that only individuals have been invited, with no Diaspora organizations taking part in it.

“In this critical period of our history, the unity and adoption of key decisions by our national leadership in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora is imperative and urgent for the salvation of Armenia and Artsakh,” His Holiness said in the session of the Central Executive Council. “That needs to be the object of our concerns and work.”