The Armenian National Education Committee of the Eastern Prelacy has just released the “Songbook with Music Sheets” («Ձայնագրեալ երգարան»). The goal is to help children and teenagers familiarize themselves with the rich repertoire of Armenian songs, also making it handy to schools and teachers. Like the previously published Let’s Chat 4, this songbook has been structured in chronological order, from Back to School through summer, including different festivities and occasions featured in the calendar.   


Besides the music sheets for each song, a peculiar feature of this songbook is the QR code next to each of them, which helps bring up the recording. The selection was made by conductor Kaiane Simonian-Derian, who also contributed the “Ashoon” (“Autumn”) and “Im Mayrig” (“My Mother”) songs of her authorship.  


Copies can be ordered from the Prelacy bookstore by clicking here (ձայնագրեալ-երգարան-ուսումնական-տարե/) or writing at The price for the public is $15 apiece and $10 for schools.