Letters from Armenia

Elena – 11/03/22

Dear Ms. Armenakyan,

I was very happy to receive your letter.

My last and the most demanding school year has started on September 1st. I am currently a 12th grade student at the Polytechnic High School of Vanadzor. My favorite subjects are math and physics. After graduation, I have decided to continue my education as a full-time student at Vanadzor’s Polytechnic University. I will have to pass two entrance exams: math and physics.

My days are usually very busy, but also very happy. My family is my strongest driving force when my spirits are low. The fall made it a habit to bring another war instead of autumn foliage, and that too hurts and makes one forget about an optimistic take on life.  However, we are still marching and breathing and carry in our hearts the names of our fallen boys.

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a meeting with poet Manvel Mikoyan. My name was also printed in the newspaper’s article about that.

I like to recite poetry —not just any but the poems that talk to my soul. My favorite poets are Shiraz, Sevak, and Terian. Do you have favorite writers?

Thank you very much, dear Ms. Armenakyan, for sending me $150.