There are surely very few local traditions that can travel across national, religious and cultural as easily as Thanksgiving. The most American of holidays, it is joyously embraced by every newcomer to this blessed country, as we have at the Eastern Prelacy, especially since Archbishop Anoushavan became Prelate, who has committed to making it an Armenian-American celebration, blending in the best of both worlds. 

As we prepare to celebrate our 65th anniversary, we look back in gratitude and look forward confident and hopeful, newly energized by all our achievements and the challenges we have overcome, especially in the last extraordinarily trying three years. 

Since its inception, the Prelacy has expanded on a continental scale, devolving into three separate, vibrant branches, with the Western and Canadian Prelacies joining us in our mission to serve our growing communities. With almost 40 parishes, 14 day schools and more than 2,500 students, all supported by you, our parishioners and faithful, we can only say “thank you.” These mere two words encapsulate our recognition for all you have done in the past 65 years and for what you and your children will carry on doing long after this memorable date, which we will celebrate together, becomes one more milestone in the Prelacy’s life of service.