Featured, Prelate's Message


Dear Parishioners and Friends of the Prelacy,  


It gives me great joy to greet you all on the eve of the great national feast, when families get together on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day. 

Few countries celebrate Thanksgiving Day along with their Independence and major feasts, and the United States of America is one of the pioneers. 

Thanksgiving is the most authentic expression of gratitude towards the Creator.  

Noah, the Biblical Patriarch, at the end of the Flood, offered a sacrifice of Thanksgiving for the providential care of the Almighty Lord after landing on Mount Ararat and coming out of the Ark. Chapter 149 of the Book of Psalms is one of the most beautiful compositions of thanksgiving, which presents a symphony of praise by the entire nature, humankind as well as the animal and botanical kingdoms.  

I am sure not only the Scriptures but everyone in their life has valid reasons to thank the Lord for their blessings, both visible and invisible. Thanksgiving is the natural response to the enjoyment of not only material and visible bounties, but also for the invisible grace of the Compassionate God, granting us peace and serenity of mind and soul, which impact our physical and creative endeavors as well as our relationships. 

With this understanding, after thanking the Almighty Lord, let us thank our parents, family members, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues. Let us not forget to thank all those who have an important input in regulating our lives, be them public servants or state personnel or others. 

“Thank you” is a magical formula, which can generate a more positive outcome than we can think or imagine.  

Thank you to all for listening to this greeting, and may the Benevolent God bless you all richly.