Letters from Armenia

ANGELINA – 12/8/2022

Dear Sponsor, 

I am Svetlana, mother of Angelina. Like so many other little kids, Angelina’s life also is defined by “before the war” and “after the war” periods. Angelina is currently 3 years old. She was only 1 year old when her hero father was martyred in the fight for the defense of our country. 

Angelina was too little to remember her dad but I hope that her subconscious will retain the delight with which she used to greet her dad when he would come home from his service and the way she liked to fall asleep by holding on to her dad’s ear with her baby hands. 

Angelina goes to kindergarten. She likes to sing, dance, and recite poems. She is very lively and mischievous.  

We are doing our best to somehow put together the shattered pieces of our life. May God send peace to our Artsakh and may my children grow in our reborn country.