Letters from Armenia

HAMLET – 12/22/2022

Dear Sponsor, 

This is 13-year-old Hamlet. I am in 8th grade in school. I go to a public school that was named in memory of Artsakh’s hero Petros Ghevondian.  

I play soccer and I was named the best attacker. I have many friends. Almost every day, we play soccer with my neighborhood friends.  

I have a hero father who fought bravely and was martyred for his country. My father was a joyful person who loved jokes. His favorite thing was singing. He would make people smile with his songs and his heart. I have a big dream that is impossible to fulfill. My dream is to see my father again. The longing and hope live forever in my heart. I will do my best to grow as a son worthy of his father’s memory and I will continue his legacy.