Prelate's Message


Dear compatriots,

For more than a month, our brothers and sisters in Artsakh have been unjustly and cruelly blockaded, cut off from the world and deprived from the most vital elements of life.  

The fury of the executioner nation has expanded like flame, trying to engulf and uproot the children of our nation to erase forever the traces of Christian Armenians who have lived for millennia on that sacred land.  

Unfortunately, like three years ago, the superpowers that try to police and intervene in the life of nations with the pretext of establishing law and order, today remain blind, deaf, and mute before this new genocide of the 21st century. Our silence, however, is as damning as the deafening silence of the world.  

With our daily program Prayer for Artsakh,” we come to tell our brothers and sisters in Artsakh that they are not alone, but that they are part of our daily thoughts, concerns, and to-do list. With God’s blessing and guidance, we will walk through fire and swords until the reestablishment of normal life.    

In an appeal to all Armenians, His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, has made a call to the Diaspora to mobilize all its potential in the defense of human rights in Artsakh.  

May this humble prayer to Merciful God become a shower of peace and justice, purifying and softening petrified hearts and minds, to lift the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among nations.