Prelate's Message


Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

I would like to share with you an exemplary gesture of support to institutions that deeply moved me. I received a letter with the following content: 

I have decided to donate my Charitable Gifts in annual installments, while I am living, rather than in lump sum bequests following my demise.  

This will enable me to direct my donations to various organizations when they are currently needed, and my support will be valued for their stated endeavors.  

Please earmark the enclosed donation of $5000 for difficulty in fundraising for stated missions.  




Such a God-pleasing plan, conceived and executed with such care by an equally noble person,  cannot but fill any heart with joy.

On this opportunity, I am glad to announce that we passed the sum of 100,000 in donations to the Syrian Armenian Relief Fund, reaching the amount of 102,997 dollars. 

May All Benevolent God grants us lots of health and success, and multiply the number of such magnanimous donors.