Letters from Armenia

ARIANNA – 3/23/2023

The Prelacy’s Orphan Sponsorship program, established in 1993, remains the centerpiece of the Prelacy’s mission in Armenia and Artsakh. We are pleased to share some of the letters that children regularly address to their sponsors.  

This week’s letter is from Arianna,* who is sponsored by Ani Yesaillian. 

* We use only the first names of the children to protect their privacy. 


Dear Sponsor, 

This is Arianna. I was born on February 6, 2014, in Stepanakert city of Artsakh. Currently, my mother, two sisters, and I live in Artsakh’s Berdashen village. 

I am a 3rd grade student in school and I get 8s and 9s in all my assignments. My favorite subject is Math. In my spare time I like to play various games and to dance.  

Before the war, I liked listening to fairy tales, especially ones told by my father. Now I don’t like fairy tales anymore, but I always remember my dad and the way he used to tell them to me. Among all my sisters and cousins, my favorite is my cousin Anri – I love riding my scooter with him.  


Dear Sponsor, I am very glad that you exist in my life. I am very-very grateful to you for helping us. May God protect you.