Letters from Armenia

NAREK – 4/13/2023

The Prelacy’s Orphan Sponsorship program, established in 1993, remains the centerpiece of the Prelacy’s mission in Armenia and Artsakh. We are pleased to share some of the letters that children regularly address to their sponsors.   

This week’s letter is from Narek,* who is sponsored by Maro Sarkissian. 

* We use only the first names of the children to protect their privacy. 


Dear Sponsor, 

This is Narek, I will soon be 5 years old. I have older sisters: one is a university student, and the other goes to school. I love very much to take their school supplies and play with them. Sometimes, they get mad at me that I am bothering them while they are doing their homework, but they still let me do it.  

I love big trucks and tractors. If any big trucks stop outside of our house, I make sure to go out and examine it from all sides. I promised my mom that I would buy a truck for her one day.  

Next year, I will go to school and will be able to write to you myself.  

Thank you! 

P.S. Narek’s mom wrote in his stead