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“Letters to Boghos Snabian,” a volume with a selection of the correspondence received by the distinguished Lebanese Armenian writer and editor, was presented on Tuesday, June 27, in Yerevan, organized by the local branch of the Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society.    

The book, published by the Boghos Snabian House Museum of Anjar, Lebanon, was presented at the Faculty of Philology of Yerevan State University.    

Ruzan Arakelian, director of the Hamazkayin office in Yerevan, delivered opening remarks. Arevig Caprielian and Artashes Shahbazyan spoke on behalf of the Central Board of Hamazkayin, followed by interventions by noted scholars Artsrun Avagyan; Serzh Srapionyan; David Gasparyan; Petros Demirjian, secretary of the Union of Writers of Armenia, and journalist Vache Proudian. Boghos Snabian’s daughter, Tamar Snabian Sourdjian, and the writer’s granddaughter, Narod Sourdjian, also delivered heartfelt remarks.    

Archbishop Anoushavan also attended the event, during which he extolled the sixty-year trajectory of Boghos Snabian, whose memory he celebrated as a literary stalwart and an example for the new generations.