Letters from Armenia

ANAHIT – 7/13/2023

This week’s letter is from Anahit,* who is sponsored by Dr. Annita Nerses and Dennis Kurpius.  


* We use only the first names of the children to protect their privacy. 



Dear Sponsor,  

This is Anahit. I live in the region of Vayotz Dzor, in the town of Vayk. I go to Vayk’s public school where I am in the 9th grade. We moved to Vayk in November 2021. Before that we lived in Vayotz Dzor’s village of Barzrouni with my dad, mom, and sister. There, I would wake up, put on my school uniform and go to school every day either by walking with my friends or sometimes my father would give us a ride to school in his car.  

After school, I liked to feed our animals with my dad. My dad loved spending time with us. My life was full of laughter, jokes, and kindness. Now everything is different, although we wake up, put on our school uniforms and go to school every day like before. I wish so much that my dad were by my side. I need him very much and I feel his absence even more with the passage of time. I wish he were here and we lived happily ever after. Thank you for helping us.