Featured, Prelate's Message


The dictator of Azerbaijan, with the cunning of his immoral ilk, fools foreign powers with his empty slogans about law and peace, saying that Artsakh is part of Azerbaijan and hence its inhabitants are citizens of Azerbaijan and as such enjoy their corresponding rights.    

This 21st century novice tyrant does not realize that he is digging himself into a hole when he refers to these very same “citizens” as “dogs,” “rats,” and “humanoid creatures.”    

How long will the world pretend to be blind, mute, and deaf in the face of the suffering of the people of Artsakh, who are enduring a 250-day blockade and an attempt at genocide, deprived of the most basic items to ensure their survival?   

How long will the world stay silent about the alarming statements made by a tyrant inebriated by victories obtained thanks to mercenaries and the support of allies like Turkey and others, who calls the Republic of Armenia “Western Azerbaijan,” undermining the international order with nonsense lacking a minimal sense of logic?   

How long will the world tolerate contempt for the decisions and statements of international organizations for the sake of black gold, Azerbaijan’s oil?   

It is time for world powers to reassert themselves and their authority.