Letters from Armenia

Samvel – 08/24/23

Dear Sponsor, 

I am the mother of Samvel, Kristine. Because my child is little, I am writing in his stead.
Samvel goes to kindergarten, although at first it was closed for two months during the blockade. It re-opened a couple of months ago. In kindergarten, Samvel learned some poems, arts and crafts, singing, and dancing. He likes to play in the backyard and watch cartoons.
In these blockade days, Samvel misses his father a lot, as well as his grandparents and his aunt.
He looks at his father’s photos to remember him, and he speaks with his grandparents on the phone.  

Samvel has a dream to become his country’s defendant, just like his father was. When Samvel puts on his little soldier’s outfit, he always tells me, in Karabakh dialect: “Ver mtsanam kinanoum krev torkerin spanim” (“When I grow up, I am going to war to kill the Turks”).