Letters from Armenia

Gabriela – 8/31/2023

This letter is from Gabriela,* who is sponsored by Richard Arzoomanian.
* We use only the first names of the children to protect their privacy.


Dear Sponsor,

This is Gabriela’s mother. I hope that the next letter will be written by Gabriela herself, because this year she will start first grade in school.

As you well know, Artsakh has been in total blockade for the last 8 months. The only road that goes from Artsakh to Armenia is closed. Azerbaijan put a control point on the Hakari Bridge, and no one can pass through.

Artsakh is in a serious humanitarian crisis: the food stores are empty, there is no medicine in the pharmacies, the children and the pregnant women are malnourished, and many pregnancies were lost due to that.

It is very difficult to believe that in the 21st century, you cannot buy a favorite candy for your kid, and that moms must stand in line for hours to buy one loaf of bread for their children.

During these hot days, only one type of public transportation works in Stepanakert that has a population of 120,000 (because of the lack of fuel).

For 8 months we have protested and gone to the meetings, but with no result. Our enemy is devious and cruel.

Open the Road of Life – this is our slogan.

Despite all these difficulties, we try to keep hope and to believe that we can continue living in Artsakh.

Gabriela wants very much to go to Yerevan to visit her grandparents, but it is not possible. She also has serious vision problems, and it is time for her doctor’s visit, but we are bound to our house. We can’t even visit Yerablour cemetery…

Sorry for such a sad letter, but unfortunately that is our reality.

I want to express my enormous gratitude for being at our side and of course for your generous donation of 200 US dollars. In this difficult moment in our lives, it was a huge help.