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Letter to President – Joseph R. Biden 08/31/23

August 31, 2023

President Joseph R. Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500


Dear Mr. President:

We, the spiritual leaders of the American Christians of Armenian heritage, urge your immediate action to prevent a second Armenian Genocide from unfolding against the Christian Armenians of Artsakh at the hands of Azerbaijan.

For over 260 days, Azerbaijan has imposed a cruel and inhumane blockade of Artsakh, which has deprived Artsakh’s 120,000 indigenous Armenian Christians of access to food, fuel, medicine, electricity, water, and other essential goods. This humanitarian catastrophe continues to rapidly deteriorate by the day. Critical shortages of basic food and nutrition endanger the most vulnerable, with the region’s 30,000 children, 20,000 elderly, 9,000 disabled, and 2,000 pregnant women facing grave risks. Just last week, a young Armenian man succumbed to starvation, a tragic reminder of the horrific fate that awaits the Armenians of Artsakh should the international community continue to turn a blind eye to their suffering.

We once again reiterate the need to hold Azerbaijan accountable for its aggression, and urgently appeal for your leadership on a United Nations Security Council resolution calling on Azerbaijan to lift its cruel and inhumane blockade of Artsakh consistent with the binding provisional order of the International Court of Justice (ICJ); enforce restrictions on military assistance to Azerbaijan pursuant to Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act;  and send immediate humanitarian assistance Artsakh’s besieged population. Our great nation must stand with Armenia in every way, beginning with a suspension of U.S. military aid to Azerbaijan, a country that would erase our ancient nation from the map of the world. We must never, as Americans, be complicit in such genocidal violence.

We also urge that in the context of Washington-led peace talks, the fundamental rights and dignity of the Armenians of Artsakh be protected. Any settlement that forces the Christian Armenians of Artsakh to live under Azerbaijan’s authoritarian rule would be a death sentence given Azerbaijan’s unrepentant track record of violence, persecution, and ethnic cleansing.

In the spirit of your commendable decision to recognize the Armenian Genocide, we would remind you of your pledge to “renew our shared resolve to prevent future atrocities from occurring anywhere in the world.” As we bear witness to a second Armenian Genocide unfolding in Artsakh today at the hands of Azerbaijan, we urge your renewed leadership in saving Christian Armenian lives and advancing a truly democratic peace that respects the right to self-determination of Artsakh, an ancient cradle of Christianity.

We pray that the Almighty Lord bless you abundantly and His wisdom leads your endeavors with success, spreading peace, justice, and prosperity to the world.


Archb. Hovnan Derderian
Primate, Western Diocese 

Archb. Anoushavan Tanielian
Prelate, Eastern Prelacy 

V. Rev. Mesrop Parsamyan
Primate, Eastern Diocese

Bishop Torkom Donoyan
Prelate, Western Prelacy

Bishop Mikhael Mouradian
Eparch, Arm. Catholic Eparchy

Rev. Hendrik Shanazarian
Interim Minister, Arm. Evangelical Union

Zaven Khanjian
Executive Director, AMAA