Prelate's Message


My fellow Armenians, 

Considering the dire situation in Artsakh because of the Azeri blockade for the last nine months, we all must join forces at the religious, political, humanitarian, and other levels for the sake of that part of our homeland. 

We therefore invite the daughters and sons of our nation to stand united for the just cause of Artsakh’s survival. We are pleased to see how forcefully all our organizations are committed to work for Artsakh, mainly the Armenian National Committee of America, and the Armenian Assembly of America,

As you know, the House of Representatives is holding hearings to find a positive solution for the Artsakh crisis. We call you all to appeal to your representatives and senators and ask for their support. 

We believe that cooperation is the key to success. The voice of each one of you may have a positive impact on the fate of our people. 



Prelacy of the Eastern United States