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His Holiness Catholicos Aram I has recently presided over two remote sessions to discuss with experts the latest developments in Artsakh, in an effort to determine the path forward.  

he participants from Armenia, Artsakh, the United States, Europe, South America, and the Middle East, including historians, international law experts, and political scientists, were Ashot Melkonyan, Ruben Safrastyan, Armen Marukyan, Vahram Balayan, Vicken Cheterian, Simon Payaslian, Vahram Shemmassian, Khatchig Der Ghougassian, Nora Bayrakdarian, Shahan Kandaharian, and recording secretary Aharon Shekherdemian.

The two sessions took place on Thursday, October 12, and Friday, October 20.     

In the first session, experts analyzed the causes and effects of the situation in Artsakh, including:  

  1. Regional developments and geopolitics 
  2. The situation of the refugees, the stance of different governments, and humanitarian aid 
  3. Legal foundations to demand the release of prisoners of war and arrested state officials 
  4. The right of return of the people of Artsakh protected by security guarantees and protection of their rights  
  5. The situation of the religious and cultural heritage and the misrepresentation of history  

The second session focused on how to overcome the state of affairs through international law.   

A third session has been scheduled to examine the next steps by the Armenian side in view of the new geopolitical developments.   

At the end of each session, His Holiness sums up the next steps and calls to action, which will be complemented in coming sessions. The proceeds will be published, with analysis on how to implement the suggested course of action.    

The third session is scheduled for Monday, October 30.