Letters from Armenia

AVET – 11/9/2023

Dear Kind Person,  

This is Avet , the son of hero Armen. My father was killed so that we can live in peace.  

I am in the second grade in school. I am a good student. My answers and my questions, make my teachers smile.  

I go to musical school where I play dhol and sing in a choir. I also do karate and swim. 

We currently live with my uncle’s family, along with my grandmother. I dream of becoming a good person and buying a house for my mother and me.  

My mom works a lot and I want to help her very much. When we have our own home, I will keep a dog.  

Dear Friend, will you help me choose a name for my dog? A good Armenian name. 

I want to thank you for your kindness. I promise you to always be a good student and read many books to become a good person and help other people.