Letters from Armenia

MARK – 11/16/2023

The Prelacy’s Orphan Sponsorship program, established in 1993, remains the centerpiece of the Prelacy’s mission in Armenia and Artsakh. We are pleased to share some of the letters that children regularly address to their sponsors.   

This letter is from Mark,* who is sponsored by Hagop & Ica Kouyoumdjian

* We use only the first names of the children to protect their privacy. 


Dear Sponsor,

I am the mother of Mark, from Jermuk city. Since Mark is only one year old, I will be writing in his stead. My name is Tatevik.

When the war started on September 27, 2020, and my husband Vladimir went to fight in it, we had 2 daughters and were expecting our third child.

I was two months pregnant. My husband fought bravely from the first day of the war and he was heroically killed on October 14.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get to see his son Mark.

Mark  was born on May 24, 2021.