Letters from Armenia

David – 01/18/24

Dear Mr. Raffi Arzoomanian, 

I am the mother of your sponsored child David Mikaelian. David is two and a half years old and he doesn’t go to the kindergarten yet. I will be writing to you in his stead until he knows how to read and write. 

David is the son of Captain Ashot Mikaelian who was killed during the July battles. His father never had a chance to see his son. 

We used to live in Artsakh, in Stepanakert, but the date of September 19 became fatal for the Armenians living in Artsakh. We were forced to relocate to Armenia and we currently live in the village of Artashat in the Metzamor community of the province of Armavir. We rent our space. 

We lost our country, house, and, most painfully, all the heroes who sacrificed their lives to keep our land, and we just abandoned their graves to the mercy of the bloodthirsty enemy. 

Mr. Arzoomanian, we are deeply grateful to you for your support, for being at our side, and for your sincere care. With your help you make us feel important.  

Thank you for your assistance and trust. We wish you tremendous happiness, great health and realization of your dreams. 


S. Avetisian

October 27, 2023