Letters from Armenia

Mariam – 1/25/24

This letter is from Mariam,* who is sponsored by Karen Jehanian 

*We use only the first names of the children to protect their privacy,. 


Dear Sponsor, 

I am happy to have another opportunity to write to you. I am already in 9th grade in school. 

This year, we visited Yerevan during my summer vacation. We went to some sightseeing places and spent a very fun day at the Monument Amusement Park. With my mother and sister, we also visited Khor Virap Monastery, which left a very long-lasting impression on us.  

We returned to Kapan at the start of July. I was very happy to be reunited with my friends, because I missed them a lot. We bought some school supplies in Yerevan, and I was ready to start school. 

School started in September. I was so happy to be back to school – I missed everything and everyone. 

… But on September 19 the war started. Azeris forcefully displaced all Artsakhtsis. NKR became part of Azerbaijan. Poor and helpless Artsakh people left everything there and came to Armenia. People of Armenia welcomed them, and each person helped with whatever they could. Our family also helped them with food and clothes. Many Artsakh people stayed in our city to live here. 

Dear Sponsor, I am very grateful to you for helping our family. May God always bless you and your family. 


October 23, 2023