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On Sunday, February 6, His Eminence Archbishop Anoushavan, Prelate, celebrated the Divine Liturgy at Sts. Vartanantz Church in Ridgefield, New Jersey, on the occasion of the name day of the church. The faithful in attendance included the students and teaching staff of Hovnanian School.

In his homily, the Prelate quoting from a hymn by Nerses Shnorhali, said that whoever follows the power of the Holy Ghost courageously challenges death, just like our Lord Jesus Christ as well as his followers, who prevail over death after dying.

Addressing the students, the Prelate told them that receiving the Holy Ghost meant being aware of and grateful to God, our parents and our teachers for the blessings received from them. He told them to be always ready and alert not to be misled by phoniness they may encounter and to always choose what’s good, beautiful and sublime.

A reception at the parish hall followed the Divine Liturgy.Very Rev. Fr. Sahag Yemishian, Pastor, welcomed the public and thanked them for their cooperation. Hovnanian students offered a function, singing and reciting poetry in a program devoted to Artsakh and organized with the spirit of Vartanantz. Archpriest Fr. Mesrob Lakissian, Pastor of St. Illuminator’s Cathedral, and Rev. Vahan Kouyoumdjian, of Holy Cross Church in Troy, New York, were also present.

On Sunday, February 11, the Prelate celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St. Vartanantz in Providence, Rhode Island, also on occasion of the name day of the church. Homenetmen’s young members had joined the faithful.

Archbishop Anoushavan consecrated Matthew Burke an acolyte and gave a sermon on the meaning of Great Lent, when our forefathers, like all humans made in the image of God, voluntarily and making use of their reason could have lived according to the Creator’s prescriptions yet through their actions were deprived of a blissful life.Then referring to Sts. Vartanantz, the Prelate said that our heroes, emulating our Lord Jesus Christ, consciously and willingly rejected the deceits of evil and bravely challenged death. Now is the time, he said as he wrapped up his homily, to put our free will to the use of good deeds for ourselves and our families, as well as our nation and humanity, and becoming purveyors of faith and hope for our brothers and sisters of Artsakh.

During a reception at the parish hall following the Divine Liturgy, Archpriest Fr. Gomidas Baghsarian blessed the table and Rev Fr. Kapriel Nazarian, Pastor, thanked the parishioners and fellow clergymen for their work for the church. In recognition of his long service, church organist and art teacher Raffi Rshtuny was awarded a letter of recognition form the Prelacy.

Armenian American Rhode Island State Senator David Tikoian delivered a speech, who praised the input of the Armenian community in every field. Following his intervention, the Prelate had words of praise for Mr. Tikoian and expressed his joy for the harmonious spirit of cooperation among the different organizations of the parish.