This Sunday, March 17, is the Sunday of the Judge (Tadavori Giragi). The Gospel reading for this day is the parable told by Jesus about a widow and a judge (see reading above). The judge in the parable is seen as hard-headed and without principles, fear of God, or compassion for people. A widow in the same town has been ill-treated and she has come to the judge for justice. Although her cause is just, the judge does not pay attention to her case. However, she is persistent, and she makes the same appeal again and again until, at last, the judge decides to see she receives justice. He does this not because he cares about justice, but because he wants to be rid of the widow. The message of this parable is that we must persist in our pursuit of righteousness and justice with the confidence that perseverance (especially in prayer) will be rewarded.

“O Christ, you left to your Church a true commandment to pray to God always, without thought of time in spirit and in thought.

In our nature (150) you spent the whole night in prayer to God, you thereby affirmed you commandment and gave it to us as an example, you, before whom every knee bows.

Therefore we also turn to you with prayers, O Christ; grant us at every hour to stand before you with a pure prayer like the bodiless angels in heaven.

Through the prayers of the Mother of God you undefiled mother in your mercy, open the spiritual eyes of our hearts that we might contemplate you light, O Christ.”

(Canon of the Armenian Apostolic Church for the Fifth Sunday of the Great Lent)