Letters from Armenia

Edita – 03/21/24

Dear Sponsor, 

This is Edita from Artsakh. I am 12 years old. After the 2020 war, my mother and I moved to Stepanakert, because we lost our village of Sghnakh. I was going to school there, as well as to English, drawing, and sand-art classes in the afterschool program. After all my classes and activities, I didn’t have any spare time, but if I did, I liked to read books, watch movies, or listen to music. 

In September 2023, I was promoted to 7th grade in school. I had adapted to my new school, classmates, and teachers. But I only went to school for 2 weeks in Artsakh. 

September 19 arrived, and a new war started. We hid in basements for a couple of days, and it was very terrifying. My mother and I, along with our relatives, were forced to abandon Artsakh, leaving everything behind. We couldn’t take anything from our house. We relocated to Yerevan. Here, I started a new school again. I miss Artsakh very much, our house, my friends, and school. I am trying to be a good student, and I want to start again my after-school activities that I loved. 

Thank you for being on our side.